Friday, 6 July 2012

Aunt Dorothy

It's raining, its pouring, its summertime. As I raced back home to visit my sister who has recently brought little Leo into the world, I find the only way to keep my hair in check is swept back in a neat ballerina bun, fattened up nicely with a donut ring. So very easy to do and it stays in place all day.

Lacura Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Day Cream

 Really enjoying this day cream from Lacura. I have been using this for over a month now, it's thick and sticky with the consistency of a sun block. Very very good for my dry skin and sets my makeup in place like a dream. Even through to the evening a lovely radiance shines through, so with a dab of blusher I'm positively glowing!.

Do not, however, get this a-n-y-w-h-e-r-e near your eyes. It's not a gentle cream and I have learnt the hard way that it only takes a tiny amount in the eye area to cause them to stream- for ages.  I suffered the misfortune of fighting off a runny eye throughout my morning commute, by the time I reached my office all the makeup on my cheek had dissolved and I was left with the complexion of someone who had been crying for hours - many people asking if I was OK...

Overall not bad - especially for less than £5.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Waitrose Delicate and Edible Flowers

My salads, superfood smoothies and bellinis are now complete! Still deciding whether to have them on toast though...

Richmond dwellers should also check out for an array of delightfully twee edible florals. I'm in love.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sunday Detox

Too much fun was had yesterday. Today, it's all about slowing down and expelling nasty toxins, starting with a very apposite cup of tea.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Green Smoothie by Mary McCartney

I am currently in training for the Brighton Marathon next year, I'm also looking to lose weight in the process. So while I am scrutinising my waste line every morning and saying no to chocolate more often than I would like, it is very important I get my diet is rich in nutrients so that I have the energy to train every evening.

I have recently been inspired by Mary McCartney who's super-charged morning pick me up looks gross but tastes fantastic! The recipe goes as follows:
 Et Voila!

Let me know if you have tried this too, or if you have any other green smoothie recipies that I could try!

Lacura Multi-Intensive Serum

 My recent trip home to see the family in Derbyshire also meant a chance to visit their nearest Aldi to see if there was any chance of getting in on the Lacura skincare bandwagon. Luckily, they had quite an impressive selection.

I think I may have bought about one of everything, and when I rang it all up at the checkout was amazed to find the bill only came to about £20. 

This particular product, the multi intensive serum is what people seen to be raving about the most so I bought two (only £3.49 each). A couple of years ago a blind test was executed on  2000 women to trial various skin products currently on the market in brand-less packaging. Surprisingly this out performed high end creams hands down in their collective opinion and naturally as soon as the results were published, products began to disappear from the shelves. 

I will be reporting on it more as my skin gets to know the product better. I'm currently mixing it in with day and night cream but only using a small amount. The Shea butter is very evident as from my first application I felt an instant injection of moisture which is a great help in this hot weather where my skin can feel quite parched. 

This serum, like everything in Lacura's range claims to be suitable for all skin types however, I am not sure how this intense moisture surge would fare if I had oily skin, but it feels gentle enough for sensitive faces.

I am interested to know what other people's thoughts or experiences are for the Lacura range so please get in touch or leave a comment give your thoughts!