Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant

I was recently disciplined by a beauty therapist for using exfoliators more than twice a week (sometimes even twice a day). Sometimes, when in pursuit of trying to look after your skin to keep it fresh, clean and healthy you can do more damage than good. When I shared my routine with her and gauged her reaction, I found myself apologising for such carelessness! 

She knows a thing or two about best practise in beauty and recommended a gentle alternative to removing dead skin cells in between sessions with abrasive scrubs.

Avdea's Botanical Kintetics Exfoliant is like a magic potion; apply to skin after cleansing every evening and let the active ingredients do the work while you sleep, this product exfoliates with saltic acid rather than grainy scrubs so at no point am I tearing at my skin, in fact is has a very calming effect once applied. 

I'm getting on really well with this so far - first of all it removes any excess makeup or dirt that my cleanser may have missed, it also acts as an excellent toner, tightening pores and prepping your skin for night cream. The real results can be found the next morning where my skin is very boing boing. It's almost as if my skin knows I've been bad and is thanking me with an even, smooth complexion for taking the action to change tactic.

This bottle rings in at £17 for 150ml and you only need a small amount for it to be effective. I have been using this for just over a month now and as a test I have stayed away from any other exfoliators - I'm pleased to say that I haven't needed to so I am able to feed by exfoliation obsession while actually doing some good. 

For responsible skincare, this is a no-brainer.

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