Tuesday, 24 April 2012

British Nanny Moisturiser from Lush

So, I was shopping in the Lush store on Regent Street late last year, browsing their laden baskets and laughing at the staff who were enthusiastically singing along to Cher's greatest hits. Sometimes I find the staff a little too pushy, on one occasion an assistant on the Kings Road store was soooo over chatty I realised I had used up most of my 15 minute 'time to kill' window listening to her tell me about what she had bought her mother for Mother's Day. Needless to say I left the store not having the opportunity to look at any of the stock.
The Regent Street times were much better, I was allowed to actually shop and my basket filled up nicely. I picked up a sample of British Nanny and was won over by the consistency (I love love love thick moisturisers) and the SPF 30.
 When it came to ringing up this little gem with my other items I learned that this retails at around £26... I thought "are you kidding me? For a 45g pot? I was expecting something around the £10 mark for something like this, if I'd known I probably wouldn't have taken the punt however I wasn't really up for the ordeal of explaining this to the lady on the till and took the hit, frowning at my receipt as I left putting down to yet another expensive beauty mistake.
Time passed and I applied it occasionally, not giving it very much love but slowly over time I started to notice the radiance in my face in photographs when I had it on; my cheekbones shone out without any need of a highlighter and the rest of my face had a very healthy glow in all the right places, so I started to take a closer look at this ‘mistake’ of a cream. For the past week I have been applying it every morning; this is an instant moisture hit without the need of a serum or primer, it is thick but sinks into the skin very quickly and sets my makeup into place fantastically well. As the day progresses I find very little need to reapply concealer and the laughter lines are nowhere to be seen as it has a great plumping effect. One word of warning is to keep it well away from your eyes; otherwise they will be streaming all the way to the office.
British Nanny is currently tagged as ‘unavailable’ on Lush’s website which makes me wonder this product  may be sold out and I have a cult wonder cream on my hands and they totally deserve this status. As the summer months approach it will be a key player in my morning routine and when I finally get to the end of the pot (you only need a pea sized blob to do the job) I’ll be back to Lush for my replacement.  

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