Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Sanctuary Ultimate Facial Cleansing Oil

In the UK, the Sanctuary is revered as England's number one day spa and they offer a range of bath and body products inspired by their spa treatments.

The accessibility of their products combined with the results they give to my skin makes the Sanctuary of my favourite beauty brands.

Here is my most recent purchase: a facial cleansing oil to dissolve makeup, purify and moisturize all in one. Apply to a dry face and massage away for a few minutes before adding warm water and gradually washing off. I rate this product because it takes away makeup and the grime of the day without stripping your skin like soap or face wash can. However, having said that I really enjoy cleansing my face first with an everyday face wash before adding this, I feel that by doing this it increases the chances of the oil doing a better job in driving out impurities.

Add it to your evening routine once or twice a week for brand new skin the next day or save for the morning of a big day / night out as I find makeup sits on my skin much much better after using this.

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