Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Neal's Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm

The next time you see Neal's Yard skin care collection in a department store, walk up to the stand, select the Wild Rose Beauty Balm, smooth a little over the back of your hand and inhale. Then try to walk away.

The balm itself is made up from a mix of rosehip seed oil, beeswax, other oils and it is suitable for all skin types, the finished product has a consistency of clarified butter. When I first sampled a little in John Lewis, I was completely won over by the delightful rose scent and the radiant sheen it instantly cast over my hand, I purchased immediately solely upon this whim and have not regretted a penny.

One thing that surprised me when the kind lady at John Lewis handed me the balm in it's presentation box is that it came with a very comprehensive muslin cloth, and this balm's primary purpose is to be a cleanser. I am still finding it impossible to wipe this off my face barely minutes after application so I set the cloth aside for other cleansers and continue to use this balm as hand cream, elbow greaser, I mix a little with my moisturiser and apply before makeup for an unrivaled dewy finish and run it across my collar bones for an instant healthy highlighter. I also like to sweep a small amount around my crows feet if my eye makeup ever looks too cakey by the afternoon, or if I'm adding extra makeup to my face for the evening.

I can't really comment if this offers any long term benefits if used regularly as to be honest I rarely bother monitoring that kind of thing if the results are immediate, however the oily consistency discourages makeup to sink into laugh lines or wrinkles, so it can create a definite youth boost.

In conclusion, this really is a wonder balm. It currently retails at around £35 for a 50g pot, it's very good value  for me as it is something that is used many times daily and the scent is unique in the market.

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