Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Redbush Tea journey

They (as in, the internet and magazines) say if you drink at least two cups of redbush tea every day for a couple of weeks, your skin thanks you with a brand new, fresh flush of youth.

Well, my own obsession with this claim is increasing at a rapid rate and it's certainly not doing any harm. For a start it's caffeine free (so it won't dehydrate you) and is rich in antioxidants (much like Vitamin C, antioxidants fights ill health). It is also actually very pleasant to drink and furthermore, it is fast becoming a major player on the supermarket shelf, saving you the schlep to your nearest health food shop.

I'm currently finding articles from the Redbush Tea Company very useful in understanding the benefits I'm not sure what my caffeine riddled system will have of this new hustler long term, but its nice to feel smug at my desk now and then.

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