Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Raw Beetroot Devotion

Here I have taken an uncooked beetroot, peeled and chopped into bite sized chunks. In the past I had heard many things about the benefits of beetroot but the only easy option in a supermarket comes boiled or pickled in a jar for God knows how long. I tried organic beetroot juice an actually vomited afterwards, which if you are familiar with the colour and consistency of beetroot juice, its not a pleasant experience.

Raw chopped beets were the last chance saloon in my bit for beta cyanin Nirvana and it finally worked for me. This tastes nothing like the beets you get in a jar or vacuum pack and thank goodness it's a far cry from the juice, in fact it's pretty close to raw carrots.

My understanding of raw beets are that a portion every day like the one I have pictured (the size of a small apple) works wonders for eradicating toxins from the liver (helping you recover better from hangovers), combats blood pressure, enhances seratonin, boosts the immune system and provides essential vitamins C and B6! Zoot Alores! I'm exhausted.

This is my mid-morning snack (with a redbush tea, obviously).

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