Saturday, 5 May 2012

BB Cream: Miracle Skin Perfector

I'm a bit late to the BB Balm party but yesterday evening I finally got around to adding Garnier's Skin Perfector to my makeup bag. I'm someone who needs a fair bit of coverage on my face (the perils of pale, Celtic skin) so I'm using this under my normal foundation as a primer.

I've only used a small amount as I don't want to clog my face with too much product and I am pleased to report that I'm very impressed!

I can see a natural, fresh sheen to my complexion and tone has evened out nicely without the need of concealer. It also skims over my expression lines effortlessly.

For £7:50, this product is a no-brainer for me and as only a small amount was needed I can see this lasting quite a while.

Thank you Garnier!

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