Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Crussh Super Juice

Crussh is a great resource to have in London, with around 20 outlets in the city I'm hard pressed to walk past one without popping in for freshly made juices or smoothies.

In this post I'm going to talk about their Super Juice which offers 100% organic carrot, spinach, beetroot and cucumber. They themselves warn newcomers its not for the faint hearted and they'd be right if you're expecting the usual mix of sweetly crafted berries but in all honesty, I find their Super Juice has a very mild taste. Fans of carrot juice will see the appeal instantly as it is the dominant ingredient do it bypasses any of the bitterness that spinach or beetroot can bring.

If you do have the stomach for it you'll be rewarded with a very comprehensive injection of vegetable goodness, it's also very low in sugars and with a calorie count of 136 per 100g it's a fantastic, guilt free way to add some nutrients into your diet.

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