Saturday, 12 May 2012

First Aid Beauty: Gentle Body Wash

This morning's Saturday morning shower is accompanied by a cute body wash by First Aid Beauty. I received this reduced size from Glossybox a couple of months ago and thought I would give it a try today.

The design of this bottle screams gentle, sensitive, good for you, fragrance free, safe, etc etc. To be honest I rarely get excited about a shower experience that promises nothing in the lines of intoxicating herbal vapors, I don't think something like this would compel me to make a purchase, in fact the only interesting thing about this body wash is the retro design and of course the words "antioxidant booster."

This is however, a very capable and hydrating cleanser and for those with sensitive skin it is most definitely a product that is worthy of a place on your bathroom shelf. The consistency this much like a facial cleanser, a pale cream that doesn't lather up but glides onto the skin effortlessly. There was absolutely no irritation to the skin on my legs while shaving either, plus it hydrated my skin enough to skip lotion after.

I will be using the rest of my bottle for post-gym showers as I think my skin will appreciate this most when it has been overworked and stressed with perspiration.

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