Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Face Soap and Clarity by Soap and Glory


For long lasting, skin tightening freshness during cleansing, Face Soap and Clarity by Soap and Glory is a great buy.

You only need a grape sized portion to completely remove makeup and feel clean, it claims to foam up but I haven't been able to see that so far...I still found the gel quite effective and didn't feel like I was missing out sans-foam. I applied to a damp face and massaged for a few minutes longer than I usually would due to the 'superplum' beads so that I could give them time to burst and do their job.

I think that this would be especially good for oily, blemish prone skin. As a girl with dry skin I did find the tightness on my face slightly uncomfortable until I added moisturiser, however, it did get to work on some hormonal blemishes around my chin which was very much appreciated!

I'm now saving this wash for post workouts in the evening as I feel this is when my skin is most blocked and oily as again, the super clean feeling is very satisfying. I'm not too sure if my skin could handle this on a twice-daily basis long term, but that's just due to my skin type.

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