Monday, 7 May 2012

Accessorize Blusher: Sensation

Just a very quick post to throw a little appreciation in the way of Accessorize for their excellent range in blusher. I absolutely love a good pink blush; on pale skin like mine I find a flash of rose across the apples of my cheeks livens up my whole face.

The one I have pictured is called Sensation, it's a very soft, water colour shade with a faint lacing of gold shimmer which provides a great highlighting effect (perhaps steer clear if you're a matte girl).

This was an impulse buy to start with, to be honest I didn't really hold very much faith that a company specializing in bags and accessories would produce good quality cosmetics but this blusher really packs a punch, the simplicity of this product has made it my current every day favourite. 

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