Sunday, 6 May 2012

Hangover Battles

Oh, that terrible feeling when you finally open your eyes with vague memories of getting home and a realization that you have the hangover the size of Kent and it needs dealing with immediately. That was (or perhaps, still is) me today.

So, it was a friend's housewarming party in Bethnal Green, I drank prosecco before leaving the house (makes getting ready sooo much more fun) and then progressed onto pear cider- until 5:30am when my boyfriend and I finally called time and left for home.

Raging hangovers can often be a great opportunity to take the time throughout the day to really relax, detox and recharge making you ready and energised for the week ahead.

First things first; for you to battle your hangover effectively it is very important that you anticipate it's actually going to happen; before you leave for a party or night out with friends plan ahead; have a large bottle of water, ibuprofen, cleanser and tiger balm by your bed so that the minute you wake up you can re-hydrate, remove all traces of makeup and blast that headache before the moaning and wailing begins. Rub some tiger balm on your temples and inhale the relaxing vapors for a super soothing, natural remedy.

Then it's all about flushing out the toxins and putting some moisture back into your system so I try to avoid caffeine and go for antioxidant rich redbush tea instead and aim for about 2-3 liters of water.

Next up is beetroot, raw, peeled and chopped. Beetroot is actually a highly effective hangover aid as its jam packed with beta cyanin- this is important because it speeds up the detoxification process in your liver, so its basically like giving your toxins from the night before an express ticket out of your system in super fast time. You only need to munch on something the size of a small apple too so it's quick and easy.

Make sure you keep hold of the redbush tea bags after use; soak them in some icy cold water (as pictured) and rest them over your eyes (like you would do with cucumber slices) for about 5 minutes and get an instant brightening effect. I've been doing this for years and I am yet to find an eye gel that does a better job.

Today I have done all the above and while I am still cursing pear cider and making no sudden movements, I am feeling much more relaxed and fresher than if I was to just reach for the leftover pizza and after a good nights sleep I know I'll be full of life and productivity tomorrow morning.

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