Saturday, 12 May 2012

Beautiful Lavender

Inspired by a feature on Serna Linley in the June issue of Tatler I have been driven to distraction by the idea of lavender:

"My home smells of lavender; we grow masses of the stuff in France, so it's everywhere - under our pillows, in the bath, on the fire... You can even flavour ice-cream with it."

As a young girl, my sister and I would be packed off to our grandparents to spend the summer holidays, both gardens boasting huge lavender hedges which I adored. I loved the way the bright flowers would attract bees and would be so happy to sit by them reading my books. My first ever fragrance was a sprig of lavender rubbed on my wrists and behind my ears, so throughout my life this scent holds a very powerful nostalgic attachment.

Recently I have been frustrated by the musty, vintage smell on clothes and scarves that have been packed away in my wardrobe and not aired for more than a few weeks and was distraught to find my cashmere cardigan has been nibbled at my moths. So this afternoon I have decided to take action.

While I don't have a field in Provence handy, I do have ample window box and balcony space in my little Wapping flat, so it's goodbye useless geraniums and hello lovely lavender. I'm planning to harvest bunches of it to fragrance my wardrobe and knicker draw, sprinkle some in my bath and generally marvel at the wonderful colours.

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