Saturday, 12 May 2012

Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream

Even for me, a dry skinned lady, I find the consistency of Benefit's Total Moisture Facial Cream very thick. Too thick for during the day but as a night cream, Benefit really gives results

Last summer I got chatting to one of the ladies on the Benefit counter in Selfridges just as the range was being launched. She kindly gave a me quick demo of some of the key products (including this one) which was great to try out before making any purchase decisions. I ended up buying everything she tested on me, especially this cream as it was the last one in stock.

What is great about this cream is that even though it provides amazing moisture, it is also very gentle and contains no anti-aging ingredients which makes it suitable for young skin. 

I alternate night creams throughout the week; at the moment it's Benefit about twice a week and Simple every other night. I do this because I find the plumped up effect this cream provides the morning after diminishes a little if used every day, if used the night before a party or big day, this cream really lays the foundations of a well nourished, hydrated complexion.

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