Monday, 11 June 2012

LOREAL Youth Code Luminize Serum

This doesn't feel like a serum, in fact the texture is closer to a light facial lotion and since using this I have found an accompanying moisturiser is not necessary.

L'Oreal's Youth Code range is very effective. I tried the original Youth Code serum late last year and was instantly impressed with the way it evened out the texture of my forehead within the first week of application and made the rest of my face feel like a sheet of velvet. 

The original serum is extracted from a dropper and has a thinner consistency - it often felt like a primer or toner that tightened pores. The bottle eventually ran out and I went onto something else (product hussy) but it wasn't until I returned to Youth Code that I realised how great it is because within a couple of days everything shot straight back into place - velveteen, silky face with added benefits of moisture.

 Youth Code Luminize is much thicker with a pearlescent appearance and is applied using a pump. As mentioned before Luminize is creamy enough to use as a lone moisturiser. I'm currently using it every morning with a splash of facial oil.

The only drawback I can have is the size of the bottle - the last one ran out after about a month and the way I'm getting through Luminize, it is likely to follow suit in the next week or so. At £25 a bottle I don't really see this as a particularly cost effective venture if I have to replace it every 4-6 weeks, especially as there isn't an option to purchase a bigger bottle (which I would get if they offered it).

Other than that, its a great product for both immediate results and long term development.

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